hi! I'm kayla..

(but some people call me kay).. & my heart beats ever so fiercely to serve others with irresistible imagery. I'm an old - soul, Texas born cow lover turned photographer. I am currently residing in Virginia Beach, VA with my soul-mate & best friend of a husband and our three fur babies. We also have a son who lives in our hearts whom fuels the creative in my soul on the regular.. Want more?

read on for all those moody details!

You must know, I haven't always done what I love for a living : traveling to places I've never been, scouting the perfect landscapes, photographing effortlessly beautiful people in even prettier outdoor destinations, and sharing my imagery amongst global creatives. Ask anyone who knows me, about a decade ago, I set out on my Veterinary Medicine journey to become a Doctor. Well, I did spend the last decade in the field in various hospitals all over the country, but didn't quite make the Doctor cut. Let's be honest, life gets in the way and truthfully, traveling was much more exciting for me. Although, someone definitely could've spared me the amount of student loan debt I would have. (*because yikes*)

The ones I hold closest to me, have always encouraged me my entire life to make this dream a reality, but it wasn't until the traumatic life experience of my husband and I losing our son Dec. 2018 that it just clicked. Being pregnant with him gave me purpose, gave me life, and light in all the things I loved. It not only made me a more gentle and kind person, but I saw things in the world in such a way I had never seen before, so losing him was the worst and greatest thing to ever happen to me. After we received our pictures with him from the hospital, I realized that was the only tangible thing we had left connecting us to him, & in that moment, I knew that I wanted to do something to honor his life in a huge way. That's when my husband stepped up and convinced me it was time for us to invest in something real and for me to put down my phone. I had no idea that his encouragement would lead me outside my comfort zone and finding that this is where I am my purest self and in the calmest of happy places. But here I am, living a creatively fulfilling DREAM, preserving timeless memories and making heirlooms lasting for generations while sharing it amongst others.. and I absolutely couldn't imagine doing anything else.

Being the wife of an active duty service member, the experience of being a mother, and now a photographer truly has fueled a heightened awareness for the incredible connections I have in my life; near and afar. A sort of vulnerable, unprecedented appreciation of love and existence. Our son and the self - love he brought me, then the deeper connections he brought to my husband and myself, honest & true, he acts as the defining inspiration of why I do what I do to recreate those moments for my future clients. I want to teach others to tap into their inner enough-ness throughout the beauty of connections in their own lives. I want to enable others into their own heart & souls in their images just like our little man did for me.

Been given this platform to share my view of the world and all its pretty is my greatest joy. He allowed me to find myself through artful storytelling in such a way I didn't know existed. It is all seemingly in slow motion, with soulful connections, raw and unposed, organics & emotive imagery that moves you. I aspire to create imagery that brings a sense of warmth from within, like the color of honey in the sun. I'm continuously growing to new heights and learning to guide my clients seamlessly into those special moments, but my mission is is to serve you from the bottom of my heart, and simultaneously make you want to laugh and cry.

love letters..

love letters..

“Kayla is a lovely, talented, and beautiful soul! I'm so happy with the images she provided for my shoot! They're so organic & feel so true to how it was when we were shooting. She really captured the magic of the day with her photos. She puts her whole spirit into making everything perfect. She's also an amazing gal to work with and befriend! Overall, 100/10 would recommend.”